Sermon Notes

Mostly individuals across Canada and a few churches primarily finance this ministry through charitable tax-exempt donations. The entire financial support has historically been through Christian sources.

Our challenge is to provide literature that accurately represents the teachings of the Bible; though we also provide qualified resources to people of other faith groups too.

All literature and services we provide are free of charge. This chaplaincy is not obligated to any particular religious institution or denomination because of financial considerations.

Literature Policy

The chapel's policy on literature dictates that only material that is approved and maintained by an 'official' of each faith group can be displayed for the sake of authenticity. Valid material must be non-denominational, non-sectarian, and proclaiming only the predominantly accepted teachings of that particular faith group.

Please feel free to use or print the publications listed in the menu at the top. Publications are copyright materials written by the local chaplain(s). Therefore, you should always reference this website and author as your source when copying or distributing them. Questions, comments, or criticisms should be e-mailed to the chapel. Thank-you and may the Lord bless.