Fellowship Chaplaincy

Reverend Philip Phillips is the founding chaplain of the first Canadian airport chaplaincy in 1978 at Pearson International Airport in conjunction with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada - FEBC. He was the primary initiator establishing over twelve other airport chaplaincies across Canada with Fellowship Chaplaincy. Marketplace Ministries has accredited Pastor Tom Kartzmark and Chaplain Larry McConnell to full rights and privileges of an official chaplain; they hold each one accountable to their trust.


International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains

Today there are some 200 known airport chaplaincies in more than 40 countries through the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains.

A Quote from their IACAC website:

"Travelers, while waiting for their flight or to change planes to continue their journey, as well as airport employees who have to work all hours and days, did not have a place or facility within the airport terminal that they might go to for prayer or meditation or counseling. The need for an airport ministry within the airport complex was first realized in 1944 by an Eastern Airlines employee, Ed Hogg.

1. A place that is always open, affirming the many faiths that mingle at a giant airport.

2. A place set apart for individual prayer and meditation.

3. A welcomed oasis of stillness and quiet in the rush and roar of an airport facility.

4. A chaplain available for those who face emotional crisis and need personal guidance and counseling.