Airport Community

Around four thousand employees work at the airport. These include police, fire hall staff, maintenance crews, security agents, customs and immigration officers (Canadian as well as USA). There are also many concessions, merchandise and food courts, along with different airlines and their staff; not to mention the Airport Authority employees. About sixty companies are associated with the operation of the airport community.

Over four million passengers go through the doors of the airport annually. You can visualize the airport community as a small town with a huge tourist industry. The Chaplain is there for the employees and passengers. We are concerned for the welfare of people, not the commercial advancement of the airport, but the well being of souls. Our ministry also extends beyond to extended families and referrals that desire assistance.

This is the field in which we serve with dedication and passion. In this milieu we gather a wide range of experience in responding to many souls with many different needs. We are freely available to you too.